Creature comforts

12 January 2017

Resident holding an African land snailSome of our residents were feeling particularly brave last week when they experienced a pet therapy session with a twist!

Rather than opting for the fluffy variety, Bradbury House's residents decided to get up close and personal with some creepy-crawlies instead.

‘It was an amazing experience and very interesting to learn more about reptiles.’ — Paula Blyth, resident

Fun and scales

Resident holding a rat

This session was not for the faint-hearted, however, as residents handled tree frogs, snakes, giant millipedes and African land snails — to name just a few!

Special thanks to ZooLab for delivering this one of a kind therapy session!

‘It was totally therapeutic for the people that use our services.’ — Alison Garland, activities organiser

Elvis and Priscilla

Pinewood resident holding a chickenAt Pinewood, residents have been delighted by the arrival of two new housemates — chickens Elvis and Priscilla.

‘The residents love them and have taken ownership of feeding them and making sure they have everything they need.

If it’s too cold to go out, some like to sit at the lounge window and watch them.’

— Claire Murray, team leader

The chickens also help to reduce food waste by eating the leftovers.

Elvis and Priscilla have proved such a hit Pinewood will soon be welcoming two more chickens!

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