Our chief executive's budget 2016 statement

16 March 2016

Clare Pelhamby Clare Pelham, chief executive, Leonard Cheshire Disability

It was an unusual budget day when both the government and opposition were right, each in one important way.

The government were right to say benefit spending should be targeted on those who need it most.

And the opposition were right to say half a million disabled people are losing over a billion pounds in Personal Independence Payments.

It’s a question of fairness. And a question of seeing the big picture.

Most people surely want disabled people to get the support they need — whether it’s suitable housing, accessible transport, appropriate benefits or jobs.

And the government has made a great commitment to halve the disability employment gap.

But how can we judge the big picture if every change is piecemeal? That’s the real challenge for this government.

A White Paper in July that sets out a fair deal for disabled people, across all benefits and services.

Let’s stop with the salami-slicing and have a long-term economic plan for disabled people. And let’s also involve them in creating it.

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