Change100 interns experience working at SABMiller

24 August 2015

Tara Roweby Tara Rowe

Over the summer, SABMiller — the world’s second largest brewer — took on nine interns from the Change100 internship programme for students and recent graduates with disabilities. They are working in a wide range of departments including HR, finance, technical and marketing, in the company’s head office in Woking.

George — group technical (brewing)

You could say George has the dream job for some young professionals — working in the technical brewing team! His particular highlight was working on the recipe of a new beer. His biochemistry degree and laboratory experience have been invaluable to this work and he has enjoyed applying his studies to a practical work environment.

Jagvir — finance and control

Jagvir has been getting stuck into the finances of the business, looking at strategies for financial growth, procurement projects, as well as being involved with the daily banking processes. He has loved the opportunity to increase his understanding of the complexities and dynamics of a fast-moving business.

Suzie — global brands

Suzie has been dealing with the retail side of the global brands business. She has been working on competitor analysis to ensure SABMiller brands stay ahead, and overseeing the development of new prototype products. Suzie has relished opportunities to get to know colleagues across the marketing team and says her placement has been the most fantastic learning experience.

Clare — corporate communications

Clare has been working across a number of corporate communications projects over the last couple of months. These have ranged from assisting in maintaining brand recognition at the AGM, researching new stories and keeping older content up to date, and creating a meta-analysis of SABMiller’s web analytics. 

Max — learning and development

Max from Change100

Max has been finalising the roll-out of a global language programme to aid the English skills of SABMiller’s employees. He says the whole experience has opened his eyes to the scale and variety of functions within the learning and development department.

Jasmine — global information services

Moving to SABMiller’s internal communications, Jasmine has helped to restructure and rebrand the global intranet, used by over 70,000 employees. She has also been assisting with a global campaign to promote the new information service engagement platforms. Learning to manage her health condition whilst at work has been a challenge, but the SABMiller team have been extremely supportive and this has given her confidence to succeed in her future career.

Eleanor and Christina — human resources

Eleanor and Christina have been tackling the recruitment process and revamping the policy handbooks for the graduate finance trainee programme. Together, they have been instrumental in mapping competitor and market data which will allow the talent acquisition team to improve their strategic recruitment approach. They have both valued the opportunity to gain a good insight into different aspects of HR and see their recommendations being taken forward.

Deborah — global business services

Deborah from Change100Deborah has been working across a number of projects to ensure SABMiller can attract, develop and retain the best people who are both passionate about beer, but also committed to the company’s sustainability targets. Through these projects, she has enjoyed the opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues across different departments.

Group activities

In addition to their department work, the interns had the opportunity to participate in several beer tasting sessions in the onsite laboratory where they learnt a great deal about SABMiller brands and the brewing process in general. The group also visited Meantime Brewery in Greenwich which has only recently joined the SABMiller family. The day included a beer tasting session and a tour of the brewery where they got to see the full brewing process in action.

Finally, they had the great pleasure of meeting Tom Ward, who interned with SABMiller on the 2014 Change100 programme. It was invaluable to share experiences and a good opportunity to ask questions about his time at the company, where he made such a strong impression that he is returning next month on SABMiller’s HR graduate rogramme.

On behalf of the interns and everyone at Change100, we'd like to thank SABMiller for being such a fantastic support to the programme and are looking forward to continuing the partnership in years to come.

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