Change100 helped me fulfil my TV dreams

25 January 2017

Craig SmaaskjaerWhen Craig Smaaskjaer joined our Change100 internship scheme, he needed a lot of determination. In the end, it paid off.

Craig wanted to work in TV. But his mental health condition ‘gives you a lack of identity, of knowing where you are in the world,’ he explains.

‘When things are bad it’s literally impossible to function. You become frozen, save for extreme meltdowns.’ — Craig

Then he joined Change100 and did a three-month paid internship as a researcher at Wall to Wall media.

There, he so impressed his bosses that they offered him a full-time job. Craig has worked on a BBC history documentary, and is now working on the hit show Child Genius.

Helena Ely, head of production at Wall to Wall, said: ‘The Change100 interns have been excellent. The scheme will help us more broadly with attracting and retaining talent from diverse backgrounds.’

‘The feeling that I have to conceal my disability has gone. It’s improved things all round in my career and my life.’ — Craig

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