Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child 2014

11 October 2014

Today is the ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ – a day to recognise girls’ rights and the challenges that girls face around the world.

Disabled girls face their own unique set of challenges. They are far less likely than either disabled boys or non-disabled girls to go to school. If they do overcome the odds to attend, they are less likely to move on to secondary school or undertake vocational training. In turn this makes it harder for them to find a job and become independent. 

We are marking the day by highlighting how we are supporting thousands of disabled girls in Africa and Asia to go to school and fulfil their potential:

Girl power: reaching out to disabled girls
Leonard Cheshire Disability’s international director writes about how disabled girls are often forgotten or left behind in international development. 

Girls with disabilities: achieve your dreams!
Young Voices campaigner Josephine Namiriru tells of her experiences growing up as a disabled girl in Uganda.

Read our stories

Read about some of the girls we have supported to go to school:

Find out about our gender-focused projects

Inclusive education for disabled girls in Kenya
This project, supported by the UK Government through the Girl’s Education Challenge, is working in the lake region in Kenya to support over 2000 girls to go to primary school and complete their education.

Sharing learning from Bangladesh on how to support disabled girls to go to school
We have recently received funding from the UN Girls’ Education Initiative to document the good practice on girls’ education in our inclusive education project in Bangladesh.

Ending violence against women in India
The European Union is funding our project to address the root causes of gender-based violence and discrimination against women with disabilities in India


we at Child Advocacy organization www.cao-cameroon.org / www.facebook.com/childadvocacyorganization will be celebrating this day in Cameroon, we do a caravan walk to raise awareness about the challenges faced by girls. We will lay more on violation and description of the girl child. Join us to give your voice. "our slogan for this caravan is "INVEST IN THE GIRL CHILD" you voice matter.

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