Can Do in May

1 June 2016

By Virginia Field

May was quite a month for volunteers in our Can Do programme!

Building in Wales

Building a sensory garden at Cross Keys College

In Wales, ‪‎Can Doers took advantage of the good weather and started the sensory garden build at Cross Keys College.

They sure weren't scared to get their hands dirty!

Gloucester decorators

Can Do volunteer painting

Volunteers in Banbury worked hard to redecorate a room at Let's Play, a charity that provides leisure opportunities for disabled children.

Style Acre Can Doers brought some beautiful colour to the walls and raised funds to buy a new carpet.

A space probe for Yorkshire

Yorkshire Can Doers built a space probe

Art and space exploration came together in a big way for an exhibition at the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery!

Yorkshire Can Doers built an incredible space probe sculpture, exploring the concept that you don’t need to be able to walk in space and aiming to raise awareness about disability access.

Virginia is the social media assistant at Leonard Cheshire Disability.

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