Can Do London attend mayoral hustings

18 April 2016

London mayoral candidates Caroline Pidgeon, Sadiq Kahn, Siân Berry (Greens, represented by Caroline Russell) and Zac Goldsmith with journalist Peter WhiteOn Thursday 14 April Can Do London attended What London means to us: a mayoral disability hustings event. 

They got to hear the London mayoral candidates speak on a range of issues affecting disabled Londoners. 

We spoke to Can Doers Julia, Felix and Albertina about what their first hustings was like.

Julia Austin

‘In all honesty I used to think politics was dull and had nothing to do with me. Events like this make it feel relevant and within my reach. It was exciting!

‘I still think politics is a peculiar game but now I really want to play my part — move over Cameron, here I come!’

Albertina Prata 

Albertina asking a question

‘This was the first mayoral event I've attended. I've lived in London almost nine years and this is the first time I really feel my voice has power to fight for a better life for myself.

‘It was a very positive and rewarding experience taking part in this event. Also, it inspired me to organise events like this one in the country where I was born. 

‘I think the candidates for mayor should address employment. We need more trainee programmes, internships and to provide more support for those who want to be self-employed.  

‘I also think they should make the recruitment process more accessible.’ 

Felix Labwo

‘Last week I attended my first ever hustings. The event focussed on disability issues and the London mayoral candidates had to answer questions regarding transport, employment, safety and inclusion.

‘Personally, I felt the questions were answered and most of what the candidates said was agreeable.

‘But what is most important is whether the elected candidate will stick to what they promised in regards to meeting the needs of both disabled and non-disabled Londoners.’ 

See how Twitter reacted and watch the video of the London mayoral hustings event.

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