Call to change the way we think about care

9 February 2015

Our Chief Executive, Clare Pelham, writes in the Huffington Post that ‘a lot of the very welcome and well-informed debate about how to provide suitable care and support for older and disabled people has centred around the wrong question.’

‘It is not, and never should be, about, “How do I keep my mum from going into care?” That is simply the wrong question.

‘Disabled and older people should of course have a range of real choices for where they live and the type of support they receive. But we're not there yet. These two key decisions — where do I want to live? and what support do I need? — aren't always separate choices and this is irreparably damaging the perception of residential care.’

Read the full article about how we should change the way think about care.


we need to stop cutting the care services

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