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31 March 2017

Neil Heslopby Neil Heslop, chief executive

Today, I want to celebrate the centenary of a very great man with you.

As an RAF pilot, he was a member of the legendary Dambusters and awarded the Victoria Cross for helping to win World War Two.

He also started a global movement to make sure disabled people could live with dignity, choice and independence. For this, he was called ‘the greatest man since Gandhi’ by Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

A young Leonard Cheshire in his RAF uniformHis name was Leonard Cheshire. If you have ever been affected by disability, then his is a name you need to know.

Leonard proved it is possible for one person to change the world — and, right now, you too can change the world for a disabled person who needs your help.

Leonard honoured a friend’s dying wish

After witnessing so much sacrifice during the war, Leonard was determined to build a better world. He began by campaigning for better treatment of ex-servicemen.

True to his word, in 1948, he opened his door to welcome in an ex-serviceman called Arthur Dykes, who was in the final stages of cancer.

Just before he died, Arthur asked Leonard: ‘If somebody else comes along, whoever it might be, don’t turn him away. Please take him in.’

Leonard honoured Arthur’s dying wish, caring for many disabled people in his home. One man and one mission became the disability charity known today as Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Just as Leonard Cheshire helped Arthur Dykes, so Leonard Cheshire Disability now helps more than 6,700 disabled people every year in the UK.

Today, you could become part of his inspiring legacy too. Like our founder, you could transform life for a disabled person right now.

Your donation today could help a disabled person to increase their mobility or aid their communication.

Please give a gift today and celebrate the centenary of a great man, whose memory should never die. Thank you.

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