Bear Grylls video about our partnership with Scouts Association

22 September 2015

We're delighted to partner with The Scout Association for its 'A Million Hands' campaign, which aims to get the 500,000 scouts in the UK committed to removing social barriers, connecting communities and improving lives.

Here, Chief Scout Bear Grylls and Krista from our Can Do programme introduce disability issues and how scouts around the country are getting involved. Find out more about ‪A Million Hands‬ at




How true I served my country when I was abled bodied one freak accident turn my world upside down into a world that one hand with one breath says we do understand yet on the other hand with less heard voice is the one do we really care NO. Around the world disabled people are treated far worse than my country but and there is a but people still treat disabled as non humans ask the person in the street doing a survey do they ask you in your wheelchair your personal opinion NO. I been told so many times there are good people in this world who try to help TRUE but for every two kind warm heated person there are eight who show no respect what so ever.

Sorry but don't you get it?! This is exactly the problem!! An able-bodied person talking to the camera ABOUT the disabled person who's sat next to him?! This is a joke right?!!

Thanks for your message, Sally. Bear has done a film for each of the four issues A Million Hands is addressing - dementia, disability, mental wellbeing and resilience, and clean water and sanitation.

We're looking forward to working closely with the young scouts who will be supporting Leonard Cheshire and learning about the issues around disability awareness as part of A Million Hands. There's more about the disability project here:

I have an acquired Disability- my family and I had a lot of adjusting to do and we strive to be treated equal. Check out the small book, "Yes, I Do Take Sugar" - basically it details the effects of speaking to the Care-giver and choosing not to speak directly.

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