AzuleJoe wins Nesta inclusive technology prize

17 May 2016

AzuleJoe screenAzuleJoe was awarded £50,000 at the first ever Nesta Inclusive Technology Prize.

The prize will help bring its communication aid to market.

Helping to find a voice

AzuleJoe is a free app helping give a voice to people with communication difficulties.

It shows a set of icons representing words which a user choose to find the word or phrase they want to say. The app then says the word or phrase for them.

Two people using AzuleJoe

It runs on most laptops, tablets and even Kindles.

Volunteers from around the world contribute to its development.

The creators behind AzuleJoe

Programmer Joe Reddington and speech and language therapy technician Kate McCallum developed AzuleJoe together.

Joe and Kate both have brothers who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices.

Woman laughing using AzuleJoe

They met when Kate was working at the independent specialist college where Joe’s brother went to school.

AAC devices like the ones Joe produces do already exist.

‘My little brother’s life was changed by one of those tools.

‘But it was £5,000. The devices break down a lot, and the supply is not sufficient.’ — Joe

The aim with AzuleJoe is to solve these issues and make AAC devices available across the globe.

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