Asda store launches 'quiet hour' to make shopping easier for autistic people

25 April 2016

An Asda store in Manchester is introducing a 'quiet hour' to make shopping easier for autistic people and other disabled people.

The store will be silent for sixty minutes every Saturday. In-store music, televisions and announcements will be turned down, and escalators will be stopped.

Simon Lea outside the Asda store he manages

Photo: Dominic Salter.

The store manager, Simon Lea, decided to introduce the quiet hour after seeing a boy in the shop who was struggling to manage. As he told the Manchester Evening News, after speaking to the boy's mother he learned the boy had autism.

He spoke to one of his staff, who also has an autistic child, and worked out a plan to make the environment easier.

The quiet hour is not just for autistic people, but for anyone who wants to shop in quieter surroundings, for any reason.

'I suffered for many years with anxiety. I used to absolutely hate going into busy stores. There are a lot of people out there who have mental health issues. There are many people who don’t talk about it.'— Simon Lea

The first quiet hour will be at 8am on Saturday 7 May at the Asda Living store in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.


It would be great if one of my local Asda stores did something like this as I am disabled, but do it at a reasonable time.....not 8am in the morning.....!!!

One of my favourite stores to shop in Frome when we visit. What a wonderful, caring gesture. Wish all shops would follow your compassionate lead, and here in Australia..
Also love your George brand clothes. Have brought many, and still wear them here, after many years of Quality wear.. Thank you.

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