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27 December 2017

Our international work supports disabled people across the world.

Here are just three people we've supported in their journey to independence. 


Milcah outside an adapted toilet block

​Milcah Owour is 17 years old and supported by our Girls Education Challenge in Kenya.

Before coming involved with our project, Milcah felt isolated from her fellow classmates and teachers.

However, thanks to the project, she has now moved to a new school where she receives the support she needs. 

‘There is a lot that has changed in Milcah’s life.

‘Other than her ability and her love for school and her ability to learn within the school, she is also very helpful at home.

‘She helps with washing the dishes and the clothes, with cooking, going for firewood and other chores within the home.’

— Milcah mother, Perez


Bako Jamilla in the field with her son

Bako Jamilla is blind and lives in a small village Northern Uganda with her five children.

Living in a small village, Jamilla relied on farming to provide for her family, which often was not sufficient to sustain her children. 

Jamilla was assessed and trained in business skills and provided with a grant and a white cane by our Access to Livelihoods project.

She now has a business selling vegetables and bamboo sticks. Every day, Jamilla walks over 10 kilometres to Moyo town carrying bamboo on her head to sell.

‘Previously I had challenges, especially when it came to farming. Now, my business helps me to provide basic needs of my children and pay school fees.

‘I have also bought goats and two chickens.’

— Jamilla


Subhash in his shop

Subhash has a physical disability and uses crutches to walk.

With support from our Access to Livelihood programme, we  were able to helped him to set up his own mobile phone repair shop near his home in Delhi.

We gave him business development training and advice, and a mobile phone repair kit. He’s now earning a good salary and is able to support his wife and son. 

‘I feel so happy in my shop. It’s my time, I am focused, this is what I want to do in life.

‘Now I can take care of my family, my wife, my child. This is a great thing.’

— Subhash

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