11 of our amazing care staff

4 January 2018

This year, as part of our 100 stories, 11 of our amazing care staff — from past and present — shared their stories with us.


Jonathan and skydive partner freefalling above the cloudsJonathan Lelacheur has worked for Leonard Cheshire Disability since 2012.

He started as a carer/support worker at Hydon Hill and is now deputy manager at Fethneys.

‘It's important for us to step back sometimes and remind ourselves as staff what we help people to achieve and not get lost in the day to day things.’

— Jonathon

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Sue Garner has been a lifelong supporter of our Heatherley home in Sussex.

‘Our residents are a perfect example of living life to the full. There is never a day that I leave there not feeling better than when I arrived.’


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Mary Clare

Two cyclists on a tandem hand-cycle assisted by two volunteersMary Clare Faulkner has been a physiotherapist at Gloucestershire House since 2000.

She created our inclusive cycling project, Gloucestershire Wheels for All.

‘Cycling gives them the chance to feel the wind, sun and rain on their skin. It really means no-one is excluded.’

— Mary Clare

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Tess Gilder has been the manager at Park House Hotel, our accessible hotel, since 2003.

‘What I love about my job is that we really do make a real difference to people’s lives. We enable people to have a break, and their carers can have a break too.’

— Tess

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Sue Weeks receiving her staff awardSue Weeks has been the service manager at Greathouse, a Leonard Cheshire care home, since 2013.

‘It’s about giving personal attention and quality of life to people. That’s where I believe Leonard Cheshire himself started from.’

— Sue

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Irene Smith was the service manager at Alne Hall, a Leonard Cheshire service, from 1989 – 2016.

‘The residents and people who use the services are all inspirational. It has been a great privilege to part of their and their families’ lives.’

— Irene

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William J GallagherWilliam J Gallagher is the service manager at our Randall Close Resource Centre in Wandsworth, London.

‘I love coming to work as much today as I did 20 years ago. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity the charity has given me to touch hearts and minds, and watch the development on a daily basis of disabled people.’

— William

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Angie Stevens has worked at various Leonard Cheshire services in Scotland since 1981.

‘I have great memories of all the past and present people who have used our services. A lot of characters, truly lovely and interesting people to support.’

— Angie

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Jill Murray handing out leafletsJill Murray is the volunteer coordinator at Cheshire House, a Leonard Cheshire service in Inverness.

‘If you ever hear that just because you have a disability you can’t be a model, know that you can be what you want to be, and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!’

— Jill

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Barbara Russell has been a volunteer at our Holehird service since 1984.

‘I was made very welcome by the staff, fellow volunteers and residents. Holehird soon became my second family.’

— Barbara

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Sarah Lawrence with residents Dibby Singh and KeithSarah Lawrence was one of the first members of staff at Three Forests (now Alder House) in Chigwell, Essex.

She was a support worker there for 14 years.

‘My time at Leonard Cheshire showed me how to provide good support for each individual. It gave me more empathy and understanding.’

— Sarah

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100 stories is a collection of stories about Leonard Cheshire, celebrating 100 years since his birth.

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