1,000 disabled children in Tanzania will access education for the first time

30 March 2017

Disabled children in Tanzania will benefit from our newest inclusive education project, with 10 primary schools opening their doors to disabled children for the first time.

Violet, a visually-impaired school student, sitting at her desk having benefited from inclusive educationDespite the government’s efforts to support primary education, 98% of disabled children remain shut out of school.

That will begin to change in April, through the work with local partners to support disabled people access school and work, through a grant provided by Comic Relief.

'The inclusive education project will transforms the lives of 1,000 children in Dodoma, the capital city and home to some of the most widespread poverty in Tanzania.' — Alessandra Furtado, assistant international director at Leonard Cheshire Disability

Rates of disabled children in education are low in Dodoma.

Only 0.3% attend school, because of:

  • stigma
  • lack of teacher training and understanding of disability
  • lack of assistive devices and infrastructure
  • disability-friendly policies not being implemented

Lack of access to this basic human right restricts life chances and continues a cycle of poverty and exclusion.

The new four-year project will see 10 primary schools become more welcoming and accessible.

School infrastructure will be developed and adapted learning materials provided. Activity clubs for disabled and non-disabled children to play together will be created alongside gender-equality based workshops.

New teacher training and assessments will be introduced, with additional training also made available to policymakers, non-governmental organisations, and other bodies.

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we shouldnt ´separate the disabled and abled students, we should give a piority to disabled kids and they shouldnt fell any different from other kids, my first opinion is to mix them in one school but differfnt classes due to the learning condition and wide on the diasble studies and make it a real big marketable study for people

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