10 tips for applying to Change100

23 January 2015

Tara Roweby Tara Rowe

Our Change100 internship programme brings together the UK’s top employers and talented disabled students. Successful applicants get mentoring and guidance throughout a paid three-month work placement.

But with the 30 January deadline only a week away, what's the best way to make sure your application is at the top of the pile?

  1. The basics: take care to enter all your personal information correctly and double check it before you submit your application. Please also make sure you are definitely eligible to apply to the scheme (get in touch if you are unsure — my contact details are below).
  2. Know what’s being assessed. Your responses to the final six questions are key to being invited to the assessment centres. Make sure you answer these questions to the best of your ability.
  3. Employment and education history. These are of interest to us, but will not affect your chances of being invited to an assessment centre. They will help us build up a picture of you, your experiences and your interests so we can match you to one of our Change100 employers and roles.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous work experience — we understand that you may be looking for employment for the first time so it is fine to leave this section blank.

  4. Use the space you’re given. You can use a maximum of 300 words per question, so try and make the most of this limit. While quantity does not always lead to quality, the fuller your answer, the more we have to assess you.
  5. Use real examples over vague clichés. For example, stating that you learned the value of teamwork by working in a team does not provide enough information about you.

    Instead, give a specific example where you discuss what you personally did within one team situation, what was achieved as a result, and what you were able to learn from it.

  6. Breadth vs depth. Be wary of just writing a long list! While it is impressive if you have been involved in a variety of activities, it is preferable if you only list a few and then go into more detail about what skills you have learned or developed through these experiences.
  7. Answer the questions. This might sound obvious, but do be sure to read the questions in full and answer what’s being asked. Some questions include two or three parts, so make sure you answer them all.
  8. Communication is key. We look for excellent communication skills in our Change100 interns — but this is not just spelling and grammar! It's also about how well you are able to express your own personality, skills and motivations. Take time to make sure your answers are compelling in this way.
  9. Why Change100? Think about what parts of the scheme particularly interest you, and where you want to be at the end of the experience.

    Change100 is all about helping your career development and it's important to note the skills you already have as well as those you would like to develop through the programme.

    Showing good self-awareness is important in any job application and is a great life skill in general.

  10. Be yourself. Remember that we’re not looking for the finished article — just drive, determination and potential!

Change100 applications for 2015 close on 30 January. Apply now!

If you have any questions, email me or call me on 020 3620 5252 or 07920 442788.

Tara Rowe is programme manager for Change100 at our project partner, Vanilla Ventures.

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