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There are too many stations across Great Britain that disabled people can’t use.

Tell your local rail company to make more stations step-free NOW. We all have the right to travel freely whenever we want to, and for disabled people it shouldn’t be any different.

This needs to change

Leonard Cheshire research has found that over 40 per cent of all railway stations in Great Britain do not have step-free access available for disabled people.

Over 40% of railway stations in Great Britain do not have step free access. #LetsGetOnBoard

Even when stations are listed as step-free, we don’t know if that means there will be access to all platforms, or if a ramp is needed to board or alight a train.

Meet Vinny

Vinny, one of our campaigners, standing next to a trainAs our campaigner Vinny says:

‘It means you have to consider which jobs to go for, some are just not an option.

‘If someone offered you a promotion and you think there’s a train station around the corner but scope it out and it’s actually too far or there’s steps then it will make the difference between going for the job or not.’

Tell your rail operator to make travel more accessible NOW!