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To celebrate the programme reaching its five year milestone we take a look at five of Change 100 success stories.

As part of our 2030 and counting project, here are the three topics our youth with disability reporters selected as a focus for their advocacy work.

For our second day of Christmas we take a look at just two of the lasting legacies we have received.

Amy tells us about her journey creating our first Christmas Choir.

Wales’ first inclusive dance competition kicked off again last Friday, with regional heats in Llangollen at the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall. 

Disabled people in Gloucestershire are set to benefit from a leading charity’s work to tackle loneliness and isolation.

We caught up with Catherine about our Can Do gardening project in Portsmouth.

Emelda playing in the playground with her friends

TV Presenter Sophie Morgan talks about our Inclusive Education Programme and the impact it is having on thousands of children.

We chat to Cherries players about the buzz of playing for your local powerchair football team.

Grace tells us about her experience trying to access pubs and bars.


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