Wrexham Can Do and the Priory: Part three

3 January 2019

By Susan

Things are progressing at the Priory.

Quotes are in for the tree work, ground clearance, materials and construction work that needs doing, provisional dates for the work are nearly set, and the students can’t wait for this to be done so they can get out into the gardens themselves.

Several have been out on shopping trips to buy tools and garden furniture and equipment.

I caught up with five of the participants and asked them about how they felt about the project, what they are enjoying about it and what they are looking forward to.

Meet George and Tom

George and Tom

‘I think it’s going to be great, having a garden’, said Tom.

‘It’s a good chill out spot for when people are stressed, so I thought it was a really good idea when I first heard about it. I like that we are making a garden that will appeal to all five senses.’

George agreed, and added:

‘I’m excited that I have been able to put my ideas and plans for the garden forward and actually get a say in it and what is going to happen with the space.

‘It’s interesting, because we have never had a garden space for us all before. It’s so good that thanks to The National Garden Scheme and Can Do that the plans we are making will become a reality.

‘It will be good to have a space where we can do things outdoors. We can relax there and learn new skills like gardening which will be very useful for our future.

‘And if we have grown food, then that will make it more fun to cook it too.

‘And if you learn to garden and cook what you have grown, one of the things will be that knowing how to do that will save you money!’

He went on to say:

‘I really liked the research we have done when we have visited different places, I liked looking at the different plants at Erddig Hall.

‘There were so many that were still colourful, even though it was Autumn when we went.’

Tom is excited about actually starting work in the garden, when the site is cleared.

‘I really like hands-on, practical learning and this garden gives me the opportunity to do that.’

He is especially looking forward to learning how to grow potatoes – ‘So I can learn to cook nice jacket potatoes, with ham and cheese!’

Meet Hannah, Nathan and Charlotte

Hannah’s favourite part so far has also been visiting new places to research ideas and get inspiration for the garden — she enjoyed taking pictures at Erddig, of seating and flowers that she liked.

Hannah, Nathan and Charlotte

She said that she is ‘really looking forward to working in the garden and learning new things.’

Nathan said he felt excited when he heard about the plans for creating the garden at the Priory.

‘I’m excited about having a change of view, each and every day, and I am getting motivated by the idea of making the Priory more attractive.

‘What I’ve really enjoyed so far is choosing different ideas to use within the garden, and going to different places to find more ideas.

‘It will benefit me and other people by having a relaxing place and different type of space to sit in.

‘I will love experiencing different types of outside alone time and am looking forward to seeing the garden as a finished project.

‘I’d like to have more lessons taking place in it, and I’d also like an outdoor kitchen to be added.’

Charlotte also said she was very excited when she heard about the plans for the garden.

‘I felt very excited about new opportunities that I could get involved with, and having new experiences that I could cherish and tell everyone about.

‘So far I’ve enjoyed visiting National Trust places and getting involved in painting and creating things for the garden.

‘I think the sensory garden will help me because it will be somewhere I can go to get some calm time and I think that will apply to everyone who uses it.’

Charlotte added that in the future she would like to see the garden develop and have ‘lots of people using it and benefitting from it. I have loved this experience so far, she added, and I hope for lots more exciting things to come for me to get involved in.’

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that all the young people involved in this project are excited about its potential and really enjoying all the new opportunities its bring them!

Susan is a Can Do Programme Coordinator in Wrexham.

Our Can Do Gardening projects are funded by National Garden Scheme.

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