What a picture!

17 August 2018

At our Bells Piece home in Farnham, our talented residents and day centre visitors have been hard at work in the Simply Unique Art Studio creating these beautiful works of art. 

Silk painting of Frieda Kahlo (celebrating International Woman’s Week)

Silk painting of Frieda Kahlo by Clare WarrenArtist — Clare Warren

Clare’s been coming to our activities centre to use the studio and training kitchen twice a week for the last eight years.

She loves her art and works in many different mediums. 

Appliqued Camper Van Wall Hanging

Artist — Sarah Birch

Appliqued Camper Van Wall Hanging by Sarah Birch

Sarah’s a lady of many talents!

Like Clare, she comes to the studio twice a week and enjoys sewing, sculpting and working with lino cuts. 

Floral Silk painting

Artist — Wendy Matravers

Floral Silk painting

Wendy has lived at Bells Piece since it opened in 1980. As well as enjoying art, she takes part in two different music groups each week.

She’s also worked in the garden at Bells Piece, helping it grow into the lovely space it is today.

Sculpture of Octopus in wool

Artist — Henri Gregoire

Sculpture of Octopus in wool

Henri first joined us in 2000 and has sold many silk and oil paintings over the years.

One of his silk paintings is on permanent display at Farnham Hospital, having been bought and presented to the hospital by the town council. 

Many of his designs have also been made into Christmas cards and sold. Last year Henri had three designs chosen and sold country-wide.

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