Volunteers week

1 June 2018

To celebrate Volunteers Week, we caught up with just a few of our amazing volunteers!


Sydney has been volunteering at Cheshire House in Inverness for 17 years.

Sydney with three staff members from Cheshire House Inverness

‘Sydney has been a blessing to us all, without his input we wouldn’t have so many things going on at Cheshire House.’— Jill Murray, Cheshire House volunteer co-ordinator


Gemma at the centenary dog walkGemma is one of our fab Can Doers. Alongside other things she volunteers at our centenary dog walk last year.

‘I would like to join in sport or anything else for disabled people in the future. I try my best to ask anyone else to join the Can Do group and do something.’


Andrew is one of our amazing speaker network volunteers.

Andrew, one of our speaker network volunteers

‘I wanted to see if my skill set was of use to Leonard Cheshire outside the traditional "volunteering to support a disabled person" type role.’


Caitlin, one of Can Do volunteersCaitlin volunteers in South London, as part of our Can Do programme.

‘I found it difficult at first to talk to people because I am a bit shy and not a talkative person. However, I found it was a bit easier after a couple of sessions. I really enjoyed today because I was talking to new people.’


Louis is one of our fab Can Doers.

He lives with his mum in Belfast and hopes to do his GCSEs this year before going to college to study art and design.

Louis, one of our Can Do volunteer

‘I feel being part of Can Do has increased my confidence and self esteem. The skills that I have learnt are public speaking and team work.

‘Plus I have increased my knowledge of the homeless situation and I am trying to help other vulnerable people whilst continuing with my own personal development.’


While volunteering at his local service Simon struck up a great friendship with Bob, one of the residents.

Simon, one of our volunteers, with Bob, a resident

‘Getting to know Bob was quite easy. I was advised he was an ex boat builder which was an opening and our friendship grew from there. At first I saw him for an hour a week, now I see him 2/3 times a week and also feed him his meals sometimes.

‘The friendship that’s developed is a normal one, like any other and we arrange on a week by week basis when we’ll me so it retains its spontaneity. I get the benefits of a friendship but also of knowing you are doing something which is helping someone, something that you don’t get from doing the activities, a quality of relationship.

‘My favourite part is when I make him laugh or smile, as I don’t see him doing that much and that’s when I know I’m making a difference.’


George is another one of our fab Can Doers.

George, one of our Can Do volunteers

‘Before joining Can Do, I felt isolated from my community and didn’t have any friends to socialise with. This made me feel sad and meant I didn’t have anything to look forward to.

‘Before joining Can Do I was really lonely and although I knew my family were there for me, I wanted friends. I now have a circle of friends. It is a really good feeling when I attend Can Do and everyone shouts out "Hi George!".

‘It makes me very happy. I am very confident now and volunteer for everything. I am keen to volunteer overseas and feel that I am ready to do that now.’

Feeling inspired? Why not become part of the Leonard Cheshire community and volunteer with us!

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