UN launch new Flagship Report on Disability and Development on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3 December 2018

Tiziana speaking at the UN eventLeonard Cheshire has contributed to a UN new global Flagship Report on Disability and Development which launched today at the UN HQ in New York as part of its commemoration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The report reflects on progress made in addressing the relevant internationally agreed development goals and the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Leonard Cheshire co-chaired the groups that prepared chapters relating to Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Leonard Cheshire’s International Director Tiziana Oliva addressed representatives from Member States, UN entities, civil society organizations, academic institutes and persons with disabilities with a statement in support of the report launch and shared insights regarding disability inclusive development.

Leonard Cheshire work and research in countries across Africa and Asia shows that the disability and development gap still exists. Its Bridging the Gap research, which examined indicators in four African countries, evidenced this gap even where comprehensive policies that support equity and inclusion are in place.

A consistent finding across all countries was weak implementation due to lack of monitoring, specific budgetary allocation, and accountability mechanisms.This limited the effectiveness of existing policies.

Data collated from 40 countries across 16 indicators which is displayed on Leonard Cheshire’s Disability Data Portal, shows that persons with disabilities lag behind in education and employment, experience higher levels of poverty, stigma and discrimination, and struggle to access technology

Tiziana Oliva, International Director of Leonard Cheshire said,

‘This flagship report is incredibly important and provides us with a much needed new global snapshot of disability.

‘We now have a global framework that explicitly includes children and adults with disabilities for the first time.

‘There should be no excuse for persons with disabilities to be left behind, and yet they are.’

‘We at Leonard Cheshire are proud to have played our role in the report. We want to look back at this report in 2030 and see the change that this has helped to catalyse.’

Leonard Cheshire will continue engaging with the global community, as well as reach new partners to drive this global effort for inclusive development.