Sex and relationships

27 March 2018

You told us that as a disabled person, people often thought you didn’t want or shouldn't be having sex. It doesn’t help that a lot of the information surrounding sex and sexual health information is often inaccessible and inappropriate. We wanted to change this.

We like to think of sexual health as being about the whole person; to be sexually healthy, as well as the physical stuff, you also need to consider emotional and mental wellbeing. It’s also about respect (for yourself and others), self-esteem and self-confidence, fun, pleasure, enjoyment and fulfillment.

This is why we worked with young disabled people as part of our In Touch project, to create greater and easier to access information and resources so you can make informed, safer choices about the sex you choose to have (which might be not having sex at all).

The project ended in 2010 but there are still useful resources available online.

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