Poor public transport makes my journeys even more exhausting

4 July 2018

Will, one of our campaignersMy name is William. I was born profoundly deaf and blind in my right eye.

In my own time, I attend gigs on a regular basis and I like to think that I have a very busy social life! 

I am currently working at a university to support other students to gain the accessibility they need for their studies.

I volunteer in my spare time to support a charity called Attitude Is Everything, promoting deaf and disabled access to live music.

Last year I was also honoured to be invited to become a Trustee Director of Decibels, based in Reading.

So I need to get around – I use the public transport a lot! 

Unfortunately, it is not always the most straightforward process. 

Negative experiences tend to happen when a last minute decision was announced either on the train or at a station but due to being deaf, we cannot hear the instructions of the announcement.

I can appreciate that some changes are unforeseeable but there have been cases when I got on the wrong train and ended up going in the opposite direction due to a last minute announcement that I missed. 

This could have been prevented. 

It makes me very frustrated when there is a lack of ‘visible’ information for people who are deaf. 

Poor public transport makes my journeys even more exhausting on top of my usual commute. 

It has also made me miss vital appointments and late for important meetings. I usually get an earlier train to prevent myself from being late. I never like to turn up late!  

Public transport needs to have more visibility information when it comes to announcing last minute changes, both at the station and on the train.

When we see the captioning for where the train is stopping, any last minute changes should also be typed and to be added into the captions so deaf people can pick up the instructions too. 


I am hoping that the campaign will raise more awareness for people with hidden disabilities and there will be an improvement on accessibility when it comes to public transport.

Find out if your local train stations are step-free and write to the rail company telling them why it’s important to make rail travel more accessible for disabled people.


Let’s make it happen Will

I was hoping there is subtitles on every train/stations once it make announcement come up, the subtitles show what it was saying, making difference for deaf and hard of hearing.

The problem with public transport it has never been geared up for the disabled public to use it so what is needed is those in charge of the running of public transport is to get the proper training with assisting the disabled public there has been times in the past that I have had problems using public transport which has left me annoyed with how we as disabled are treated we need to make our voice heard when it comes to complaining about the lack of assistance in getting and even deal in been able to use public transport any time though out the day or night

Yes, let’s make everything accessible. Subtitles, info everywhere in all formats. Would take away some of the stress when travelling.

Though not completely deaf I struggle to hear announcements over the tannoy. Subtitles would be a real help. Please do this.

It’s the right thing to do !!!

More can be done... just needs the Committment

I have been deaf for 70 years and I learnt when you are deaf you must plan things to make your life easy for yourself I was lucky and went deaf when I was 8 years old I went blind and a few months later my sight started to come back a bit and then I went deaf I have travel to London to work and other places but I do think they have improve things for the deaf by have computer signs of when your train is coming in or it there been a change To all deaf people if you are not sure its is you train ask someone if you can't speak very well write it down eg I am deaf Is this train going to London and most people nod their head or shake their head or don't know many people have family members who are deaf and happy to help so don't be afraid if you are not sure always check rather than get on wrong train but people often go out their way to help you

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