The nine members of our Campaign steering group

2 January 2019

The Campaign Steering Group was set up to advise the Policy and Campaigns team about our work. We’re really excited to be learning from them!

Here all nine of them telling us why they wanted to be part of the group.


‘I joined the Campaign Steering Group because I am passionate about supporting disabled people and campaigning so that they receive the same opportunities and rights as non-disabled people.’


Anna‘I wanted to be on the steering group because as a disabled person I know there are still many barriers around accessibility and equality that we experience.

‘I want to be involved with campaigns to try and improve things for everyone.’


Beci‘I joined Leonard Cheshire because I wanted to get involved and make a difference to people in my community and across the country.

‘I have had an amazing time since joining and have made some wonderful friends.’


Danielle‘I was interested in becoming involved with CSG because I wanted to use my first-hand knowledge and experience with living with a disability to help and support others and ultimately make a difference in service provision and delivery of them.’


Diane‘My name is Diane and l have volunteered with Leonard Cheshire in the past, which l enjoyed very much.

‘I have personal experience of disability and am passionate about contributing to assist disabled people to get their needs met.’


Gill, one of our campaigners‘I joined the Campaign Steering Group because I’ve worked on campaigns before but wanted to do something more in depth. It’s good to have the opportunity to say what you think and shape what the organisation is doing.’


Libby‘I wanted to join the steering committee as I’m passionate about trying to help improve the lives of anyone living with a disability.

‘And equally passionate about owls, as you can see!’


Phil‘I wanted to join the Steering Group to help better protect and promote the interests of those with a disability by making use of my relevant campaigning experience.’


Vinny‘In recent years I have become more aware of the patchwork nature of support and equality throughout the country and wanted to do something about that.

‘I wanted to take some action, not just write about my frustration and Leonard Cheshire seemed the perfect way to do that.’

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