Meet Chris and Daniel

28 March 2019

Our Can Doers in Wrexham are currently working on garden project — thanks to National Garden Scheme.

The idea of co-creating their own garden is something the group are all excited about!.

Each Can Doer is interested in different parts of the garden so the project is really helping them to develop their skills in different areas and try new things. 

Meet Daniel

Daniel is just one of our Wrexham Can Do participant.

Daniel, a Can Doer, in the garden

‘I am 19 and I have autism. I live with my Mum, Dad and two brothers, and I go out with support, to the Priory and to a workshop.

‘I fit in pretty well with my friends now.

‘I have made bird boxes and I have been taking photographs with Can Do and it helps me get rid of stress. My photography skills have improved.’

He also wants to make bat boxes and paint the batman symbol on them.

When the garden is complete, Daniel wants to ‘take more photographs when the garden is finished, especially take more photographs of birds’.

He can't wait for other schools and colleges to come to the Priory and get involved with the garden, so he can meet more new people.

Meet Chris

Chris is 20, and lives with his family. He is very artistic, and very focused on that aspect of his life.

Very early on in the project, he came up with the idea of creating three spider sculptures to be placed in the foyer of the Priory, intended to be a ‘welcome to the garden’ for visitors.

‘It’s fun to do this for the garden, but I wish I could take the sculptures home with me too.’

Chris has been involved in a project to convert an old Quarry site to a ‘sort of garden’, he said ‘but this is different, I’m able to choose to do things that I enjoy more, but that still help with the garden.’

‘Although I’ve worked in clay before, this clay is different, and I am learning to manage the differences. I’m working really hard to find my own solutions to any difficulties that I am finding.’

Chris is very committed to his work, the skills that he is learning now will help him to contribute to future projects.

Our Can Do Gardening projects are funded by National Garden Scheme.

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