Mark's top tips

27 March 2019

Since spring has officially sprung, we teamed up with National Garden Scheme and BBC presenter and gardener Mark Lane to share his top tips. 

1. Be organised

FInd yourself some foldable tables and boxes to store your tools in,.That way they're always ready whenever you need them.

2. Water features

Water features are great for adding movement but also, more importantly, sound. to your garden. This is perfect for any partially sighted or blind people. 

3. Long handles

If you have problems bending or kneeling then long handed tools are the answer!

4. Secateurs

Using secatures with a twisting handle are great if you find you  don't have the strength in your fingers.

5. Raised bed

Bring the garden up to your level with raised tabled or bed. 

Let us know if you test out any of our tips by using the hashtag #MarksTopTips!

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