Making our services work for you

26 March 2018

We always want to make sure we are doing everything humanly possible for our customers. So in 2016 we asked them what they wanted to see change.


Future Choices had two elements: find out what our customers really thought about our services and then working with them to come up with solutions.

The aim was to use the reviews to provide content for local, regional and national workshops which would set the local and strategic direction of the charity.

What you told us

Large sheet of paper with interconnected speech bubbles and comments, mapping what residents think is working at the home where they liveBetween April and December 2016 we spoke to 676 customers from across the country. 

You told us what you thought was working and what could do with some improvements. 

Rather than looking at what people couldn’t do because of their disabilities, the reviews focused on aspirations, strengths and achievements.

We also asked customers to rate different elements of their care. The biggest improvements highlighted were within the community and being supported to take part in the activities they wanted to do. 


Using what you told us, we ran co-production workshops, engaging with 500 customer and frontline staff in 93 services throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Participants in a Future Choices workshop - large group of care home residents, staff, facilitators

We created an agreed list of things you wanted to change and plan of action of how we we could support you. 

Currently, 269 tasks and mini projects have either been completed or nearly completed. 

Next Steps

We want disabled people to be at the heart of everything we do, so we will continue to be listening and using the individual reviews, as well as ongoing customer reviews. 

There will also be shorter, more focused workshops to make it easier for customers to engage and participate. 

These steps are part of broader customer engagement plan involving the Customer Action Network and our new Customer Council. 

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