Life is for living

17 August 2018

Leonard Cheshire championed choice and encouraged people to be in greater control of their journey towards independence. 

And he’d be proud of the fact that with your support, we’re helping disabled people live, learn and work however they like in today’s modern world.

Meet Luigi

Luigi chatting to another resident in the garden Gloucestershire House is a great example of how you’re making this happen — its's a place where every resident is free to live their own life.

Luigi, for example, is 38 and he’s lived here for 15 years.

He says it’s ‘the best’ and gets involved in lots of different things, from swimming twice a week to cycling.

‘If you don’t keep yourself motivated, you’ll lose it. 

‘This is the sort of place where you have it all. A lot of people wouldn’t even know what physio is.’

— Luigi

He’s also trying to raise funds to help cover the cost of their weekend and evening driver. The driver takes them to the pub, into town and to the park and Luigi says, ‘If we lost him, we’d be really stuck!’   

Having a driver is great for Luigi and the other residents at Gloucestershire House as it gives them more independence, freedom and the chance to get out and really ‘live’ — just like everyone else!

So much going on

LuigiThere are plenty of other things going on too — from tennis, snooker and art classes, to computer training, sailing and cooking.

There’s also a sensory and physio room and a hydrotherapy pool which gives people with limited movement the chance to relax and feel ‘free’ as they’re floating.

When he’s not busy socialising, Luigi loves the freedom of going to work three times a week in nearby Broadway.

‘It keeps you busy, gives you a chance to interact. I really enjoy it.’

— Luigi

Thanks to you, so many more disabled people like Luigi are living life to the full.

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