Introducing our new brand

16 April 2018

Hello, hopefully you’ve noticed our new look website — and hopefully you like it.

The website is one of many changes we’re making to refresh the Leonard Cheshire brand, from the way we explain who we are and what we do, to the way our communications look and feel.

Updating our brand has been a process involving more than a thousand people who care about Leonard Cheshire — from disabled people and volunteers to staff and partners. Everyone who has contributed an opinion has played a vital role in creating our new identity.

The big question is... why do this? Well, a strong accessible identity will help us grow awareness, appeal to new audiences, raise money and unite us as a community. It’s more than just a new logo.

In tough times very low public recognition has affected every area of our work.

We have to raise our profile if we are to deliver our five year strategy and support more disabled people. A revived, energetic brand is one step towards achieving that.

We’re really excited about our new look. We love its warmth, diversity and energy. Thanks to all who have given their time, ideas and plenty of strong opinions in helping us get this far. 

And thanks to you for noticing that Leonard Cheshire is changing and wanting to find out more!

Let us know what you think by commenting below.


I like it - fresh, exciting and interesting. Congrats to everyone who has worked on this project, including staff and supporters.

A brilliant and very positive change, congratulations.

I like it!
More eye catching, should build brand awareness!

For people who do not know what Leonard Cheshire is about dropping the word Disability is a mistake. I volunteer at our local home and people always ask what's Leonard Cheshire if I don't say disability.

Hi Sharon, This decision about the brand was made after a huge amount of feedback and every view we got was really important to us. Our logo would always be used in context so there would never be any doubt about what kind of organisation we are. Going forward we want be defined in terms of being more about opportunities and possibilities.

What is that logo meant to represent? I'm sorry but it looks like something my Y2s used to produce on Dazzle in IT lessons.

Hi Joy, Our new logo represents diversity – that we are a group of all shapes and sizes. The rebrand is going to help us reach a wider and younger audience. The new logo is just part of that – having a new strong identity will help us grow awareness and strengthen us for the future.

You may know what it represents but to the public it just looks like a group of shapes.
Diversity with Care or some other words should have been along side it.

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