‘I can have my future’

17 August 2018

Emelda and Vivian Every child in the world has the right to an education. And with your support, our inclusive education projects are giving more children with disabilities the chance to learn and play in the same class as their friends of all abilities.

When 13-year-old Emelda from Kenya became blind after an operation, she had to stop going to school as she didn’t have the right support.

But if disabled children don’t go to school, they don’t get the chance to spend time with their friends, find their talents, or learn the skills they need to have a bright future ahead of them. 

By providing Emelda with a white cane, special equipment such as a braille machine and building ramps in her school, Leonard Cheshire helped her get back to the classroom. And back to her friends.

‘Leonard Cheshire came to my village and brought me back to school. I am now learning braille, and I can walk independently because of the cane so I can continue with my education, which feels good. I can have my future.’

— Emelda

Emelda’s friend Vivian is especially pleased that she’s back in school.

‘We’ve been friends since we were 10 or 11. Emelda is always there for me and I am always there for her. Emelda being blind is not a problem. She’s just like everyone else. We treat her like other people and care for her.’

— Vivian

Emelda sitting at her desk

Leonard Cheshire has also trained her teachers on inclusive education practices and Emelda’s teacher, James Gundo, says that since she’s been back at school, she’s done well to accept her condition.

Being able to continue with her education has made Emelda positive about her future.

‘I thought my future was cut off but now I can read Braille, I know that will improve my life.’

— Emelda

Your support is giving children like Emelda the chance of a better future. Thank you so much.

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