Hannah's top tips

25 September 2018

2017 winner Hannah Chamberlain shared her top tips for applying for the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur Award with us.

2017 Stelios finalists with Neil Heslop and Sir Stelios

The really important thing that you can do to get ready for the Stelios awards is actually relax and be confident in yourself and in your vision.

There's a lot of support that Leonard Cheshire offers and another tip I would give is to make sure that you phone Leonard Cheshire and find out a little bit more about the awards.

I did that last year and it really helped. And the top tip that they gave me was to put in a lot of detail It's great — the form — it's very accessible. It's designed to work for people of any kind of access needs.

However there is a real opportunity for you to fill it out. So put in links, put in links to your website, put in links to your LinkedIn profile obviously but also you can put in links to documents and that's what I did so I linked to our business plan, I linked to our business model and all that kind of thing.

And the final thing I'd say is that if you do get selected then it's a real roller coaster ride and the whole process is really really interesting and that is the point as well that it's really important to relax.

You'll never get this other opportunity again. It's great to meet Stelios and just be confident of your vision.

As a disabled entrepreneur you've got something to offer that's unique, that's shaped by your own experience and actually people buy into you as much as they buy into the product and more importantly they buy into your vision so make it clear that you've got a plan, you know where you're going and you do. 

Apply now for your chance to win up to £30,000 for your business! Applications close 1 October.

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