BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Inclusive Education in Zambia

17 December 2018

Radio and Television Presenter Sophie Morgan in the studio recording a voiceover In the UK, access to education is a basic right that we often take for granted. 

But imagine being a disabled child in another part of the world. Your nearest school is miles away and won’t accept you because of your disability. At the same time, you may face prejudice and isolation because of the way disability is perceived in your community. 


If you have a disability, as I do, then in some parts of Africa or Asia, it’s highly likely that you won’t benefit from any education at all. Only 1 in 10 children with disabilities attend school according to the United Nations. Girls with disabilities face the greatest obstacles in getting a school place.

Lack of access to basic education among this extremely vulnerable group has devastating consequences, damaging people’s ability to have an income, support families or go on to have fulfilling lives in countless ways. Literacy levels among disabled women are among the lowest in the world. At the same time disabled girls are at a higher risk of sexual violence.

Leonard Cheshire works to ensure disabled girls get a mainstream school place, tackling lack of understanding and stigma in communities and schools. So far we have helped 30,000 disabled children to go to school and access an education through our Inclusive Education projects. We are aiming to raise awareness of this vital work through our BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Inclusive Education in Zambia. With your help even more children can benefit from this Leonard Cheshire project.

Help us build on the charity’s success and ensure no disabled child is denied an education.

Sophie Morgan is a TV host, best known for being lead presenter on Channel 4 for the paralympics. She is a strong advocate for accessible education, and is the voice of our Inclusive Education project in Zambia.

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